Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the currency shown on the website?

A: US Dollars.

Q: After I place my order, how long will it be shipped from your warehouse?

A: Under normal situations, the order will be shipped in 2-3 business days.

Q: Where is your warehouse?

A: Our warehouse is located in Hong Kong.

Q: Which logistics courier do you use?

A: We ship via International Economy Service via Fedex by default. For the Expedited shipping option (available to selected countries only), we use FedEx International Priority service by default.

Q: How much do you charge for shipping?

A: Fedex International Economic shipping is complimentary on all orders over $500. The option to purchase expedited shipping is available at checkout. If you have specific shipping requests, please send a message to Be advised that not all expedited shipping services are available in certain areas.

Q: Do you deliver to P.O. Boxes?

A: Unfortunately, FedEx does not deliver to PO Box addresses. The shipping address must be a residential or business address.

Q: How long does it take to arrive?

A: For economy service, 7-10 days can be expected for the parcel to arrive (e-Express service), while 14-21 days is for Registered Airmail service. The days may vary according to local logistics situation. For Expedited shipping (available to selected countries only), 3-7 days are the expected delivery period. However, we do not guarantee since a lot of unforeseeable factors can affect the delivery schedule (like customs delay, couriers delay, etc). So the days stated are just for reference. We do not accept any refund/order cancellation due to the extended delivery time.

Q: Can I request an expedited delivery?

A: Yes. you may choose the expedited delivery service when you are checking out. Once again, we do not accept any refund/order cancellation due to the lapse of the delivery time. Shipping fee is non-refundable after shipment has left.

Q: Do you provide a warranty?

A: We currently offer 5 years warranty from the date of purchase as shown on the receipt. Please keep your receipt and present it while consulting for repair. For any non-open box defeats, we will not be in charge of the shipping fee involved in the repair process. All lenses purchased from our website will have warranty service provided by us directly. Our local distributor will NOT handle the warranty for our website purchase.

Q: I am having issues using PayPal checkout. What can I do?

A: You may send your order to and arrange the payment over to our PayPal account ( directly. We will manually process your order in the system.

Q: What if I changed my mind about a purchase? Can I return and get a refund/replacement?

A: Please think carefully before placing the order. We currently can only arrange a replacement if there are ANY optical/defective issues found on the lens.  All sales are final and we do NOT accept any return/refund requests.

Q: Does the price include VAT/duty?

A: The price does NOT include any VAT or duty and the buyer will be responsible for them if there is any VAT/duty involved.

Affiliate Programme

Who can join this program?

We welcome anyone who has the ability to promote content online or via other channels to join. This program is perfect for Bloggers, YouTubers, Reviewers, Photographers, Filmmakers or other kind of influencers. We do NOT accept any affiliates who falsely advertised our products or bring referrals by offering non-existent coupon codes. All affiliate accounts with connection to coupon codes will be banned and no commissions will be offered.

In order to receive payment, the affiliate must have a PayPal account.

Who is your affiliate system provider?

Our affiliate system is powered by Ultimate Affiliate Pro and run on WordPress.

What products are entitled for commission?

Only Lens are entitled for commission calculation. All accessories, spare parts, shipping fee or other additional options are excluded.

How much does it cost?

It’s totally free of charge, just a little bit of time to sign-up and some effort on promoting your affiliate links.

How do I track my link-clicks and commissions?

Log into your affiliate account and you can see all the statics there. For details please have a look of our tutorial.

Will I get a commission if somebody eventually brought another Mitakon product(s) through my link?

Definitely. No matter which page your affiliate link is directed to, you will get commisions (up to max 10%) of the total sales no matter what products your reader/ followers brought eventually. The commission % is different for different products and at different period of time. We reserve the right to adjust the commission % without prior notice.

Will I get a commission for my own purchase?

No. Your own purchase is NOT entitled to any commission. If found, we will remove your account immediately.

How can I get my commissions?

We pay via PayPal. Please contact us at in order to receive the commissions. To minimize the service charge arisen from payment gateway, commissions will be arranged when there are at least 3 or more referral sales.

Where should I contact if I have enquiries?

Please contact us at

Are you guys currently shipping worldwide?

Yes we currently ship internationally except certain countries that we have certain agreements with.

What if the customer ends up cancelling the order for whatever reason. Will I still get paid?

Sorry that the commissions will only be paid to all COMPLETED orders. In case of disputes, ZY Optics reserve the rights for the final decision.

Will I get any equipments from ZY Optics after being an affiliate?

Sorry that this affiliate programme is not an equipment rental programme and so no equipments will be sent over.

What if the buyer decides to cancel the order, return and get a refund? Will I still get the commission?

Sorry that no commission will be offered for all cancelled orders. If the commission has already been paid to the affiliate, it will be debited from the next commission pay-out.

If my customer purchased with a promo code, will I be entitled to obtain commission?

No affiliate commission will be offered for discounted purchase with promo codes.

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